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Instead, the temptation to lower our standards sneaks up on us quietly.

And the temptation can be brought on for a variety of reasons.

Bishop Jones has created a battle strategy that will help the reader to launch his own campaign for conquering the mind and overcoming negativity, guilt, and powerless thinking.

Jones presents a blueprint that will eliminate the possibility of stepping on mind fields that destroy creative thinking.

The Battle for the Mind is the answer to that call.In a time when so much dating advice seems geared towards teenagers, The un Guide provides a much-needed voice for adults.-- Today's Christian Woman Pick up this little book, which is straightforward and savvy, and unabashedly grown-up.So when Steve asked her out, her attraction to him—and the idea that he could be her husband someday—far outweighed the serious effect of his beliefs on her faith journey.Temptation to date a non-Christian can take many forms. If non-Christians are showing interest when Christians either aren’t or aren’t around, it can be hard to resist.