Updating illegal windows

I should actually like that since it gets me more business when I have to clean up the messes after the fact, but I don't because the messes would have been largely avoidable in most cases had regular updates been applied as expected.I have never in my life even seen an original copy of Windows, apart from ones pre-installed on some new computers.I have had one, only one, bad update (and it was an early Windows 10 update) in all the time I've been working with Windows.I know that these do exist, but the fear of them so outweighs their frequency of occurrence that it almost rises to paranoia secondary to belief in urban legend of the constant stream of bad updates.

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PC sales may be in a slump and Windows 8 demand has been lackluster, but Windows continues to be one of Microsoft's core revenue generators, both on the consumer and corporate sides.

Once the download is done, run the Media Creation Tool.

Once the tool opens, choose the ‘Upgrade this PC now’ option, as long as you’re using the tool on the PC you want to upgrade.

Compared to my own professional experience with the smoldering heaps, that cannot be repaired in any meaningful sense after the conflagration that causes the collapse (often secondary to failure to consistently apply updates), and the trouble posed by the very rare and getting rarer "bad update" I know which way I will routinely advise clients: Always apply the updates your OS manufacturer pushes out. These days the fixes are far more rapid than they've ever been in the past.

Microsoft ended its free upgrade offer for Windows 10 on July 29, 2016, but it turns out you may still be able to legally upgrade to the latest version for free – no hacking required. Microsoft’s free ‘Get Windows 10’ initiative has been and gone, much to the delight of many a user who was sick of seeing the GWX tool constantly popping up on their screens.