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Do the faces of today’s indigenous people around the world still leave traces of these ancient migrations?

During the Upper Palaeolithic humans may have looked quite different from their descendants today; nevertheless, a selection of modern male faces and their common Y-chromosome haplogroups provide a speculative look.

What they find when they get here is a city officially recognised as the most mind- bogglingly expensive in the world.

British music producer Mark Voysey, paying £290 a night for a room at the Epic Sana hotel last week, knew Luanda wasn’t cheap.

Studies show that the San carry some of the most divergent (oldest) Y-chromosome haplogroups, specific sub-groups of A and B, the two earliest branches on the human Y-chromosome tree, suggesting they may be descendents of a population ancestral to all modern humans.

The departure of mankind from Africa involved them crossing the much lower waters of the Red Sea and moving along the green coastlines and interior of Arabia and on to the rest of Eurasia.

The theories about how anatomically modern humans populated the world are hotly-debated.

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This page details 100 countries' policies on prostitution, brothel ownership, and pimping.

i live in Angola(Cabinda), I like to spend my time reading a book and watching soccer and playing foot ball.

I work on the rig offshore I am completion specialist.

But since the fall of the Taliban regime in late 2001, prostitution has become, if not more widespread, at least more open...

The Taliban strictly controlled sexual activity, meting out harsh punishments for extra-marital relations and adultery.