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There are various types of HTML validators: some only check for errors, while others also make suggestions about your code, telling you when it might lead to (say) unexpected results.The W3 Consortium has its own online validator which you can use for free.The W3C provides an XHTML document validation service that you can use for free available at You can use it to validate an XHTML document that is already online, an XHTML document from your hard drive, or directly input XHTML code.It may be found at: A CSS validator checks your Cascading Style Sheet in the same manner.That is, it will check that it complies with the CSS standards set by the W3 Christopher Heng, Whether you design your web page using a visual web editor like Expression Web, Dreamweaver or Blue Griffon, or you code HTML directly with a simple text editor, the generally recommended practice is to validate it after you finish designing it.

You can click any of the 3 images for a larger and readable image.Your doctype is setting the language you’re using and code that’s valid under one doctype may not be valid using another.For example This is a sentence validates under html 4.01 transitional or html5 where the closing tag is not required, but not under xhtml 1.0 transitional where the closing tag is required.That also means that it will be accessible to more people, across more web browsers and operation systems.Having an accessible website is also regarded as good web design practice.