Accommodating and compromising

Thus, conflict is ever present and both charming and maddening. Sometimes the individual is not aware of the need and unconsciously starts to act out.

Other times, the individual is very aware of what he or she wants and actively works at achieving the goal.

It would be better to identify conflict at an early stage and come to an understanding. Psychologists and sociologists have given different meanings. And the differences may be because of values or otherwise, lead to conflict.

It is being defined as a process by few, an obstructive behavior, and goal incompatibility by others. The other layers are differences of values, differences of viewpoint, differences of interest, and interpersonal differences. Although inevitable, conflict can be minimized, diverted and/or resolved.

Conflict can be expressed as: Conflict is a process, where perception (real or otherwise) leads to disruption of desirable state of harmony and stability in an interdependent world. It is also called a process because it begins with one party perceiving the other to oppose or negatively affect its interests and ends with competing, collaborating, compromising or avoiding. Conflict develops because we are dealing with people’s lives, jobs, children, pride, self-concept, ego and sense of mission.

Conflict is inevitable and often good, for example, good teams always go through a “form, storm, norm and perform” period.

Read this article to get information about Conflict Management : it’s characteristics, concept, types, stages, causes, styles, factors regarding Conflict Management!

Conflicts are natural in all walks of daily life – both at workplace and home. Conflict occurs when individuals or groups are not obtaining what they need or want and are seeking their own self-interest.

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" Because no two individuals have exactly the same expectations and desires, conflict is a natural part of our interactions with others.

Kilmann (August 2015):"The Joy of Having Created the TKI Assessment!

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