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For example, in April 2008 the Queensland Studies Authority issued a statement acknowledging the importance of understanding, maintaining and promoting the diverse Indigenous languages, and calling for schools and communities to recognise and value local Indigenous knowledge systems (QSA 2008).

The author takes two Year 9 science classes, composed entirely of Torres Strait Islander students, at a school in Far North Queensland.

Anna Krauss and Jes Pinkney are two examples of Mayo Clinic’s commitment to that pledge, which supports a diverse and inclusive future workforce.

Krauss and Pinkney are the first students who are deaf to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program at Mayo Graduate School.

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With a love for languages, she went to Brown University planning to study international relations.United Airlines president Oscar Munoz offended multitudes with an initial tweet that reeked of Orwellian corporatespeak: “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”His follow-up efforts sounded more heartfelt.But cellphone videos of David Dao being banged into armrests as he was dragged down the aisle of United Flight 3411 have given new meaning to the expression “bumped from a flight.”Dr.A few months ago, I shared information about a transformative new strategic direction designed to enhance the College’s affordability and distinctiveness by increasing the size of both the student body and faculty over the next six to eight years.In order to accommodate this planned growth, we will need to make the most efficient use of our existing campus infrastructure as well as add some new facilities.