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As another example, the writer Mark Salzman, who taught English in China in the 1980s, recalls how, asking his students how they liked the film Tess D' Urbervilles, his astonishment when a common complaint was that the heroine, as played by Natassja Kinski, was not very good looking.'' You can't be serious,'' I said.But while many see no issue with it, more than a few Asian women find it deeply frustrating.In a recent article titled ‘I hope you die from yellow fever’, Caressa Wong pulls no punches.Is my bus driver friend right in saying that more and more women are taking an education?Well, this may be entirely true of many prosperous western countries.

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Being more muscular and being more "manly" benefits males obviously, but is a detriment to hetero women.Let us take the example of Dartmouth College, one figuring in the American list of Ivy League schools, which announced this year that it had more women than men graduating from its engineering course this year.Let me reiterate, it is an engineering college of very high reputation, and if you take the highest reputed medical colleges in Scandinavia, for several years almost two-thirds of all students have been women.All else being equal, more testosterone mean a 50th percentile black man looks like a 60th percentile man to a white woman.a 50th percentile white man looks like a 60th percentile man to a Asian woman.