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In the latest episode of his self-titled podcast, Tim Ferriss went through and cherry picked the 10 startup commandments all budding entrepreneurs should learn from Hoffman.

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The courses distill the best ideas of the best minds in the world and cover the disciplines of Political Science, History, Philosophy, Religion, Economics, and Psychology.But, washing with shampoo will strip away the natural oils that keep hair nourished and healthy.This is why your hair feels dry—and has more volume—after you shampoo.That place is the Ten Commandments, found in Exodus 20. What I would like you to do is spend time reading these carefully, and then take time to pray over each one. We are to have an exclusive relationship with our spouse. The book of James says that our tongue is like a rudder on a ship. One night I was out with a couple of friends diving for lobster. “If you want a long-term relationship with Me,” God says, “We have to have time together. I want a whole day.” In the same way, in order to have a healthy, growing marriage, husbands and wives need time together…special time, exclusive time, sometimes extravagant time.Ask God to begin to open your heart to see how these commands could be looked at as principles for marriage. It’s been said that Henry Ford, on his golden wedding anniversary…50 years of marriage…was asked, “What’s the secret of your success in marriage? It will send the ship of your marriage in whatever direction your words go. Some guys were out in one of those big, long speedboats drinking and zooming back and forth at 60 miles an hour. And I think we all know that if we do not schedule it, it will not happen. She found that surveys showed the average couple spends 37 minutes or less in face-to-face conversation every week.